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Vision | Mission | Goals

Our Vision

A Society people live with integrity in harmony, especially young children and women can enjoy their well being.

Our Mission:
CYK aims to promote healthy development of deprived young children who are forced to live under harsh environment from war, disaster, starvation and poverty and  support their parents and their community to be self-reliant in a humane living environment.

Our Approaches
CYK takes approach to promote healthy development of young children and their parents’ self-reliance in a humane living environment by:

  • - Working for the understanding of the importance of early childhood care and development and their needs
  • - Strengthening and building capacities of childcare takers, parents and communities for improving total environment of young children.
  • - Supporting the self management of Community childcare centers
  • - Supporting disadvantaged women to acquire self-supporting skills to improve their well being.
  • - Strengthening organizational and staff capacity.